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At Notch we don’t just focus on digital marketing, we also craft beautiful literature for our clients including thoughtful and considered brochure design. 

TK Property Group approached Notch with a brief to generate three property guides for Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham aimed at prospective property investors.

The brief outlined the need to create one foundation design and split the content into three individual brochures focused on each city.

Below is our brochure design for Manchester and Birmingham.

The Manchester brochure took influences from Perter Saville, Manchester architecture and typography. The aim was to endorse and show Manchester’s continued growth and expansion as a cultural city in 2024 and reflect why Manchester continues to appeal to property investors across the world.

The same approach has been adopted for Birmingham and Liverpool.

Manchester Brochure Design

Brochure Design Manchester
Design Agency Based In Manchester
Creative Design Agency Manchester
Brochure Design Agency Manchester
Creative Design Agency Cheshire

Birmingham Brochure Design

Liverpool Brochure Design


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