Lost Words Therapy


Notch Digital recently completed a new website and branding for Lost Words Therapy, an integrative counselor based in Widnes. The new logo is a delicate fusion of symbolism and visual storytelling, meticulously crafted by Notch Digital. At the heart of this branding endeavor lies a profound representation encapsulated in the logo—a dandelion releasing its seeds into the wind. This imagery serves as a potent metaphor for the therapeutic journey embarked upon by Lost Words’ clients.

The dandelion seeds, carried by the wind, evoke a sense of liberation and release, mirroring the transformative process of counseling where burdens are lifted and inner conflicts are resolved. The gentle movement of the seeds symbolises the gradual dispersal of tension and stress, a core objective of therapy.

The collaboration between Lost Words and Notch Digital has resulted in a visual identity that not only resonates with the essence of counseling but also communicates a message of empowerment and renewal to those in need.

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